Compress Fraps Videos to A Smaller Size

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Compress Fraps Videos to A Smaller Size

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Fraps is a video capture program that we can use to create movies from any website. Fraps cannot compress because there is not enough available time to record the video and codify at the same time. That is why many Fraps video files are too big, mainly if you record them with high resolution. Usually, the Fraps files are in AVI formats after recording a video. So it means the file will be big, to compress Fraps video, you can use a video converter to solve your size file problems.

Fraps (a name derived from English frames per second) is a benchmark program for 3D applications or video games with the ability to capture (both screen and video). It runs in the background and is configurable to start on par with the operating system. Like all capture programs, this, like most, should be used to capture short videos, since once the recording function is used, the FPS decreases rapidly and the game or video application suffers a decrease of fps (if you have a suitable machine this does not happen). The program offers better performance if the VSYNC function is deactivated. But if we record an entire game, the fraps files will increase so we have to compress the video to save space.

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